Reconstructing and optimising

The production of steam turbine and compressor blades has a great deal to do with experience and a feeling for the materials and the function. The very latest versions of the leading CAD and CAM programs are used in the design of the components and in determining the relevant optimum production process. But the legendary ETE quality first has a chance to show itself through the knowhow of our engineers in our design department.

We are in a position to be able to process efficiently all types of customer data. Starting from the classical component drawing, through to sets of Coordinates up to the reconstruction and optimization of complete turbine blade sets on the basis of sample blades, including any measurements that need to be carried out at the construction site.

Speak to us. Our experienced statt are already ready to help you in all kinds of ways.

The perfect product for you

Tolerance is not always a virtue. We can guarantee for you minimum tolerances through our quality control system. That is naturally a matter of course - but as a customer you can also be certain in future that we at ETE make use of all the technical options that are available so as to be able to offer you the perfect product.

Give us a chance to take a Iook where we might be able to find further potentials for optimization and place your trust in one of the leading turbine blade makers worldwide.

At ETE you can find capable persans to contact regarding any kind of technical or commercial question. We highly value a direct dialogue and are always accessible for you. As a customer you will get the solution that is perfectly tailored to suit your requirements.

Challenge us. We would be delighted to have a constructive dialogue with you.