ETE Products from the aircraft industry

Energietechnik Einsal GmbH manufactures many parts for the aerospace industry including compressor blades, blisks, turbine blades, spindle blades, rotors blades and stator vanes.

All components are produced to high standards to customer specifications, with on time delivery. Using state of the art CNC programming software – open mind hyper mill.

Furthermore we recently produced some complex pocketed structural guide vanes for Pratt and Whitney, these components had very thin sections where deflection and vibration had to be managed carefully using our experience.

We also produced Outlet Guide Vanes with a length of max 800 mm and blisks up to 800 mm dia.

We have lots of experience with a range of aerospace materials 15-5-PH steel, Inconel 718 Titanium 6-4.

Blisks and Impellers can be made from various titanium grades, we have even machined blisks and impellers out of Inconel 718.